Life behind and in front of the lens.


NBC tower from the ground.

I have to put up another picture of Chicago Because………. Well I love this place and I wanted to drop a night photo of something that doesn’t get seen as a main attraction. I wanted to take this picture at a child’s perspective so I got down on my knees and took the shot. Damn, I can see why kids are like WOW when they see things like this………. Simply amazing!

The Bean!

Everyone has something “cliche” that they really like about where they live. Me I love the “bean” Cloud Gate is its original name. Chicago is the place to be and no one can tell me otherwise (Do you hear this Beth Barton?) So I took a photo of my favorite part of where I live to present to you. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you………… THE BEAN!

Renaissance Faire 2010

This Had to be one of the most interesting places I have ever been in my life. People were dressed as if it was Halloween in July, but it was a really good time seeing something different. Being prepared with my camera and in good spirits with good friends made the time more enjoyable. The food was ok……. nothing to brag about but the things I saw was enough to make up for the not so tasty short comings.