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Cook County Hospital, My life began here.

Living in Chicago is a very good thing for those of us that love it here. Some may dispute that New York or Los Angeles is better but when you Bleed hot dogs with no ketchup, Italian beef dipped with hot peppers, and Chicago style pizza who can top that? The fact that were broke bothers me because everything here is being sold to the highest bidder. I took a picture of Cook County Hospital not only because the architecture is AMAZING but also my life began there. This is one of those must have things to put in the photo album just because……….

Puerto Rico……. This ones for you!

In my travels around Chicago I had to stop and get a shot for all my “Ricans” out there. I was being looked at kinda strange and I had a load of beautiful women questioning me about my photography. In all it was a good time just standing there doing what I do.

I’m stuck in HDR land.

My friend James has me stuck in this HDR stage that I cant seem to get out of……. I’m a portrait photographer……… No wait I am a visual artist……… I am loving what I do, Here’s another From Lake Shore Drive

My kind of town…….. or city.

“MY kind of town Chicago is……. my kind of town”…….. I love this place. No need to explain any further I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Chicago at night.

Last night I was on the phone talking to my friend James and we both had that “photographers itch.” (That’s when you are having photo withdrawls) so we decided¬† to jump up at 11pm and ride downtown to get busy with some picture taking. My cousin ELL and I had a place selected already (btw, you can check his blog out @ so I kinda knew where I wanted to start. When you drive around all the time that kinda kills the scenery so it was hard to vision the shot. When we arrived I was totally amazed by the way the lights illuminated the sky causing the reflections in the water to match. So this is where photography gets interesting, Ever take a picture with you camera and it doesn’t look the way you expected?

The human eye has the ability to see the whole light scheme but cameras aren’t that forgiving.¬† I knew what I was looking for in my photo and with the first sequence, PERFECT! So from this point on we were snapping away until James said “Lets go somewhere else and take some more” that’s like telling a little kid lets go to the park. So we packed up and hit spot number 2. When we arrived I was taken back by the view and knew that I had to compose this shot right or mess up a beautiful photo. Without changing any settings in my camera, I set up my shot and ………… You’ve guessed it, PERFECT! So I guess I will stop with all the ranting and raving and get to the photos………. I LOVE MY CITY, and will post more as I take them, until next time…………..